Japanese / Okinawan Kempo Martial Arts Training System
Martial Arts Lessons for Men, Women, & Children ages 4 years old & up

You'll learn not just 1, but 3 great forms of self-defense

One of the most exciting things about our training programs is that you will learn and practice not just 1, but 3 great forms of self-defense. The style of martial arts you’ll study and practice is called “Japanese / Okinawan Kempo”. Our lessons and training programs are designed to allow you to learn and develop all kinds of exciting Karate, Jujitsu, and Kobudo skills and techniques. But that’s just the beginning. You are about to discover lots of other great reasons why so many men, women, and children throughout Lorain County choose Mr. Dee’s Karate Academy for their martial arts lessons.

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Sneak preview of our beginner, intermediate, and advanced jujitsu training drills

As you tour our website, you’ll see why so many people continue to enroll in our classes. We have maintained a strong and reputable presence in our community for over 30 years by making sure that the lessons we provide help meet all the needs of the men, women, and children who enroll in our classes. How do we do it?

We understand that people enroll in martial arts classes for lots of different reasons. Therefore, we make sure that we keep our training program updated and fresh with the best that the martial arts have to offer. This means making sure that our students are able to not only learn and practice a great combination of karate, jujitsu, and kobudo techniques, but are also able to enjoy all kinds of other great mental and physical benefits common to the martial training.

Youth Classes

Our youth martial arts classes are the perfect antidote for parents who want their young children to be involved in an after-school activity where the atmosphere is positive, and everything that they learn and practice is safe, fun, and exciting. In addition to teaching young children how to defend and protect themselves, their lessons also include an awards program that promotes the importance of good behavior and respect for parents, school teachers, law enforcement, etc. Our award program is designed to give parents and school teachers a way to help children earn points every day that they show good behavior at home and at school. It’s a way of letting children know that not only did their parents and teachers notice their good behavior, but they also appreciate it.

The positive impact of our awards program and youth martial arts classes have been nothing short of amazing. Children who were too shy to assert themselves at school for fear of getting teased by other children, and children who were not motivated to do good school work, begin to excel in all of their academic subjects. Children with ADHD and other learning disabilities begin to show excellent improvements in their behavior and attitude almost as soon as they begin receiving the kind of attention and recognition that we provide for them through our awards program. Children who got bullied by other children at school and in their neighborhood learn how to stand up for themselves and not be intimidated and pushed around anymore. See the class hours for our children classes.

Adult Classes

Some martial arts schools, particularly some that have been in the business for some 30 years or more, tend to be a bit reluctant and slow about updating their training programs and curriculums. This is commonly due to a simple misconception of what the term “Traditional Martial Arts” means. There are a lot more martial arts schools in America today than there were 30 years ago, and most of them are also a lot more successful in every aspect, and for very good reasons. If you look up the word “Tradition” as in traditional martial arts, you will find the word “Cultural.” And under the word culture, you will find words such as refining, enlightening, broadening, and developmental. Therefore, when you think of traditional martial arts in these terms you can see why some martial art schools are more successful than others.

The commando type self-defense (Mixed Martial Arts) training that’s being offered in many martial arts schools today was almost unheard of in most martial arts schools 30 years ago. But it is precisely this type of training that is inspiring more teenage and adult men and women to enroll in martial arts schools than ever; even teens and adults who are not interested in participating in any kind of competition, but just want to learn and practice these very powerful karate and jujitsu techniques.

Our adult classes consist of introductory, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and black belt level training. As men and women work their way through each level, not only do they become more and more capable of performing all kinds of great self-defense skills and techniques, but they also enjoy all of the other mental and physical benefits.

If you are an adult or teen who is looking for a traditional martial arts school where you will be able to learn and practice some of the latest karate, jujitsu, and kobudo techniques, Mr. Dee’s Karate Academy is the place for you. Click on “Class Hours” to see the days and times for our adult classes.

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